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What is Trap-locking?

Trap-locking refers to the act where you prohibit your opponent from moving/fleeing/attacking with the use of Mind Blast and (low level) Traps.

Your opponent wont be able to do anything because he is constantly forced into Hit-recovery. Normally, you'll have to deal an amount of damage that equals at least 1/8th of someone's life to put him into this recovery animation. Along with Mind Blast you won't (Read [What is the purpose of maxing Mind Blast?] for more info on why). The traps that are used to set up this lock are Lightning Sentry and Wake of Fire.

Locking can be done in many ways. Almost every character needs a different approach. The following diagram shows a way to lock non-jumpy opponents;

Namelock your opponent with your right mouse-button pushed down. Switch your right skill to MB, switch MB to LS, switch back to MB, switch to WoF. Tele -> WW

Now, to clear up what I ment with 'jumpy opponents'; some people take a run for the hills as soon as you mind blast them once. Naturally, the method you see above won't work since they are long gone before your first trap even sets in. Thats why you'll have to master different techniques versus different opponents. As an example, you could place one or more WoF's prior to your first mind blast, so that the traps will already be hitting.

I hope its clear that there is no 'perfect way to lock'. There is no real formulae you'll have to live up to. You don't necessarily have to use LS and WoF. Mess around a bit with combinations and use whatever suits your playing style.

Some tips though; WoF is your best friend when facing Amazons. Since WoF shoots its waves so fast, the amazon will be busy doing two things; either evade/dodge the waves or being put into a hit recovery animation, when you are on top of her she'll be blocking aswell. In other words; way too occupied to attack, nice for us.

Due to its long range, Lightning Sentry works better versus fast running opponents.