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What is the purpose of maxing Mind Blast?

With Mind Blast you can gain a little bit of control over your opponent; it pushes them back and prohibits their movement (it's effectiveness is affected by your opponents grade of FHR).

Sure, alright, awesome... why would I max it? There are two reasons to do so;

Ever noticed that little swirl that appears above one's head after a mind blast? Whenever that swirl is visible, the character will be put into hit recovery by anything that hits him. Regardless of the amount or type of afflicted damage. The duration of the swirl increases every level untill it reaches its maximum of 10 seconds at skill level 41. A longer duration helps you setting up and maintaining a proper lock.

Secondly, a high level mind blast hurts. A lvl 50 mind blast sports 336-346 damage, 28-29 damage after the PvP penalty and 50% DR. That sure looks like it would be just a small tickle to any character. That is true, but even tickles leave bruises after a while. A high level mind blast along with 65% fcr or higher can't be ignored on the long run. Beside that, it's fun as hell to kill people who lack DR with merely mind blast. Mind Blast is also a good finisher for 1 life runners.

A third argument used to be that a high level mind blast would cause your Shadow Master to cast it more often. However, after a series of tests I have been unable to find any relation at all between the level and the frequency of which the Shadow Master uses the skill in question. If you have any extra thoughts, arguments or findings on this matter, don't hesitate to contact me.