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A fools claw refers to a claw with the “Fools” mod. This is a prefix which grants AR and max damage based on your characters level. This type of claw is used to, what else, boost your Attack Rating.

When looking for such a claw you should pay attention to it's speed; it has to hit 4 frame hitchecks with Whirlwind for it to be effective.

A valuable thing you can have on a fools claw is Knockback. Although its not a must, its nice enough too look for it or even socket your claw with a Nef. It comes to personal preference on this one really, so try it out and see what you like. If you decide to discard knocback or you have it as an auto-mod, socket your foolsclaw with UM(’s). The more chance to trigger open wounds the better.
An example of a pretty awesome fools;

The IAS is for holding up 9 frames trap laying. This brings us to another rather important part; the position of the claw. When you equip your fools as a primary, you'll notice that your Whirlwind attack rating will rocket, which would imply that both your claws operate with that amount of attack rating. This is not true, only your fools will benefit from the AR.

Despite this, it still best to equip the fools as a primary; when you whirlwind, the first hit will be your primary claw, after that both claws will hit every x frames. Versus some opponents, you'll only get one chance to hit them. Naturally, you would like this chance to be as high as possible, with your fools being the claw with the highest AR/chance to hit you'll have to make it your primary claw.