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Fade is the skill that makes an assassin translucent. It's an amazing skill for three reasons;

It provides resistances.

It reduces the durations of curses.

It provides physical damage reduction.

Curse length reduction is priceless, I think anyone will know why; you can't get rid of curses like life-tap, iron-maiden, amplify damage or lower resists fast enough.

Fade grants 1% DR each level; a level 20 fade (whether this level is obtained by spending skill points on fade or due to +skills does not matter) will add an addition 20% DR to any DR you might already have (or not). Fade's level is only important when you cast it, that means you can prebuff fade to reach the maximum of 50% DR when you duell.

Determining the amount of skill points you need to spend on fade to obtain 50% DR is easy;

Base Fade level = 50 - (DR from gear + skills from gear);

Lets say you are using the following gear:



Arachnid's Mesh

Trang Ouls Claws

Gore Riders

Mara's, 2x Raven Frost

9x Shadow skillers. Torch, Annihilus.

CTA, Lidless, Battle Command

DR from gear


10 (Shako) + 8 (Enigma)



Skills from gear


2 (Shako) + 2 (Enigma) + 1 (Arachnid) + 2 (Mara's) + 13 (Inventory)
+ 1 (CTA) + 1 (Lidless) + 1 (Battle Command)



Base Fade level = 50 - (18+23) = 50 - 41 = 9.

So, with that setup, you'd have to spend 9 points on fade and cast it with your CTA switch while Battle Command is active to reach 50% DR.