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Why is Enigma superior to Bramble?

Mobility, to a certain extent, is far more important than the damage you deal. ( Mobility >>> Damage )

Lots of people connect 'a good pvp character' with 'high damage' and thus see a bramble armor as the obvious answer to their Whirlwind assassin armor question. I agree that a ~6K attack looks funky, but think about it; what use does an awesome attack has when you can't hand it out to anyone?

That is the first problem bramble causes; with bramble you'll have to resort to walking/running and Dragon Flight. Dragon Flight is an amazing skill, but unfortunately its way too slow, interruptible and buggy to fully rely on. Walking/Running brings along another problem; while doing so, your claw-block will drop to 0%.

Obviously, your lack of mobility will have a tremendous effect on your chances of winning. Competent casters will no doubt take advantage of your predictable movent. You can't savely exit hammer-fields or regroup when a smiter triggers life-tap on you, et cetera, et cetera.

Lets take a look at Enigma. The most important thing is, ofcourse, the +1 to teleport. Teleport allows you to move unpredictable, keep up your claw-block and suprise opponents who are 2 screens away. Enigma increases your walking/running with 45%, even though I just classified running as something 'not desired' it's inevitable; so when you have to, the faster the better. Furthermore, enigma provides strength; although its not needed when you make certain decisions (i.e. no angelics, no shadow dancers), it helps to stay at base or close to base strength. Last, but certainly not least; enigma increases your base life with 5%. Whoever thinks that is useless is retarded and should quit this game a.s.a.p.

Enigma goes hand in hand with a 85% decrease in damage opposed to bramble. That's pretty much, but you gain such more valuable things. Besides, this loss can be limited to only 40% with the use of bramble as a prebuff armor.

For the people who skip anything that is somewhat longer than 3 words, or for those who like things in a nutshell;



High damage

Predictable movement

Little active claw-block


Less life

Relatively low damage


(Always) active claw-block

More life