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Dragon Flight

Dragon Flight is a teleport-attack skill. It teleports you to your enemy and tries to deliver a kick. In 1.09 this used to be an amazing skill, mainly because it reached for over 2 screens. Now, it has a few extremely annoying features; one of them is that it reaches for 1 screen only. Dragon Flight also needs a clear line of sight, so any trees, puddles or houses between you and your opponent will interrupt the skill.

A Dragon Flight animation takes 23 frames and cannot be sped up in any way. Even though it's a slow and highly interruptible skill, it still is an awesome skill to hit casters. The most frequently used tactic is to chase with teleport and when near, initiate Dragon Flight to kick in.

The things that work with Dragon Flight (and with kicks in general) are;

Life Leech

Mana Leech

Elemental Damage (Venom included)

Magical Damage

Chance to cast X on striking

Crushing Blow

Open Wounds

Prevent Monster Heal

Ignore Targets Defense

Hit Blinds Target

Hit Causes Monster to Flee

Hit Freezes Target

Hit Slows Target

+ Attack Rating (Fools included)

+ % Enhanced Damage

Please note that any of these modifications are only applied when they are found on any gear EXCEPT your secondary claw. Any mods on your secondary claw are disregarded.

Things like Elemental Damage, Magical Damage and +AR on your claw will not appear on your character screen, while in fact, they do get applied.